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Nebraska Cornhusker Player Ratings for EA Sports NCAA Football 2013

Huskerland News has the first release of the Nebraska Football Player Ratings for EA Sports NCAA Football 2013.

Nebraska Ratings  (Overall-91)(Offense-91)(Defense-87)(Prestige-5 Stars)

Player Ratings (Highest Rating to Lowest)


Player Overall Rating Position Year
Rex Burkhead 93 HB Sr.
Will Compton 88 LB Sr.
Daimion Stafford 88 S Sr.
Andrew Green 87 DB Jr.
Taylor Martinez 87 QB Jr.
Cameron Meredith 86 DE Sr.
Brett Maher 86 P Sr.
Baker Steinkuhler 85 DT Sr.
Spencer Long 85 OL Jr.
Mike Marrow 84 FB Jr.
P.J. Smith 84 S Sr.
Ben Cotton 84 TE Sr.
Andrew Rodriquez 83 OL Jr.
Jeremiah Sirles 83 OL Jr.
Courtney Osborne 83 S Sr.
Kenny Bell 83 WR So.
Cole Pensick 81 OL Jr.
Mohammed Seisay 81 CB Jr.
Quincy Enunwa 81 WR Jr.
Ameer Abdullah 80 HB So.
Kyler Reed 80 TE Jr.
Chase Rome 79 DT So.
Mauro Bondi 79 PK So.
Seung Hoon Choi 79 OL Sr.
Alonzo Whaley 79 LB Sr.
Zach Sterup 79 OL RFr.
Joseph Carter 79 DE Sr.
Jason Ankrah 79 DE Jr.
Tyler Moore 79 OL So.
Imani Cross 78 RB Fr.
Trevor Roach 78 LB So.
Brion Carnes 78 QB So.
Jamal Turner 78 WR So.
Thaddeus Randle 77 DT Jr.
David Santos 77 LB RFr.
Brandon Thompson 76 OL Sr.
Jake Long 76 TE Jr.
Ciante Evans 75 CB Jr.
C.J. Zimmerer 75 FB Jr.
Corey Cooper 75 S So.
ROLB#50 75
Jay Guy 74 DT So.
QB#5 74
Ryne Reeves 73 OL RFr.
Murat Kuzu 73 RB RFr.
Donovan Vestal 73 DE So.
Zaire Anderson 73 LB Jr.
Stanley Jean-Baptiste 72 CB Jr.
Sean Fisher 72 LB Sr.
ROLB#58 72
Jake Cotton 72 OL So.


One comment on “Nebraska Cornhusker Player Ratings for EA Sports NCAA Football 2013

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